Issues with speech, communication, language or swallowing may be due to developmental and/or acquired disabilities.


Assessment, therapy and management of children and young adults presenting with a range of issues:




malvern speech pathology


Difficulties with speech production (including articulation concerns)


Stuttering (Malvern Speech Pathology uses the Lidcombe Program- Claire, Isabella and Gitty are all experienced in this using this program)


Childhood apraxia of speech (difficulties with motor planning)


Issues relating to language skills (such as limited vocabulary, difficulty forming phrases & sentences)


Concerns regarding understanding language


Challenges with literacy development


Swallowing difficulty, saliva control and/or mealtime management concerns,


Feeding difficulty - including picky eating


Issues with nonverbal communication skills


Challenging behaviour


Voice disorders in both adults and children


Speech & language difficulties secondary to neurological degenerative conditions


Claire, Isabella & Samantha are certified trainers of the "It Takes Two to Talk" Hanen Program. Isabella and Samantha are also trained in the "More Than Words" Hanen Program. The Hanen Program is utilised in all aspects of early intervention work.  Please register your interest if you would like to participate in a parent group program or 1:1 therapy program.




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A note about the

National Disability Insurance



Malvern Speech Pathology is happy to work with clients who have a funded package through NDIS. However, clients will have to either self-manage their speech pathology funding or have a plan manager in order to be seen at MSP. NDIS has made it increasingly costly to become a registered provider and therefore it is beyond the scope of our practice. Please contact Claire for further information.